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Ariadne Maps helps leading transportation companies, including bus and railway operators, become more data-driven, understand their passengers and abandon costly strategies.

Ticket Pricing

Major transportation companies use surveys to determine their ticket prices, which is costly and inefficient. Ariadne Maps offers required data to improve your ticket prices.

Revenue Sharing

Ariadne Maps helps track a traveler’s journey for transit agencies to better share the revenues between railway companies of different nations or subsidiaries of the same company

Train Scheduling

How often do trains come to the station? How crowded are they? Quantify how many people are waiting for train at each point time, optimize the train timing and length

Retail Hubs

Network Rail footfall studies show that 25% of people coming to its stations are not travelers, but actually use them as hubs for shopping and dining, paving the way for more retail opportunities. To optimize the retail section, you can have a look at what we offer.


Find strategies that gives you maximum output with the least expenses! By using the data we provide in conjunction with your understanding of the customer journey, you can evaluate where opportunities for leverage exist.


Passengers to be directed to emptier compartments of the train, unique versus returning passengers to be compared, Ariadne’s reliable and precise data to be employed instead of intuition, and many more

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