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Ariadne is the operating system of commercial real estates that provides advanced, real-time customer analytics enabled with award winning accuracy and certified privacy compliance. Track your customer journey with Ariadne’s low-cost, plug-and-play solution – no app, no network connection, no cameras!

     Footfall, Dwell Time, Heatmap, Transitions Between Areas, ERP/BI/POS Integration...
     Workforce Management
     Asset Tracking

See how our customers are succeeding with Ariadne

Ariadne Platform

Ariadne Analytics

Obtain people counting, heatmaps, loyalty rate and more!

With Ariadne analytics, you can review your performance in real time.

Ariadne Navigation

Navigate your visitors and guests for an enhanced experience!

Present promotions in your map to engage and enhance your visitors satisfaction.

Ariadne Engagement

Ariadne enables your visitors to opt-in to your loyalty program!

The opt-in feature enables you to push notifications to your visitors the right moment.

Ariadne Customer Flow Mapping

Present promotions in your map to engage your visitors.

Ariadne boosts your efficiency by enabling you to map and localize your products.

Trusted by industry leaders

“With 20% profit increase, we scale it immediately to all of our 17 stores.”

Dimitris Galanis

CEO, Praktiker

"When they said: We are the Google Analytics of the physical world, they were not kidding!"

Thomas Grabert

Managing Director, Ö-Center Mall

“A truly plug-n-play solution! I did the installation myself!”

Gina Jacobs

Business Development Manager, San Diego Airport

“We recorded the ROI already in the first month with a 40% increase in product revenue!”

Rainer Latzlsperger

Procurist, Weko

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Ariadne is a plug-n-play solution that does not require ethernet connection or complicated installations.


Design your own floorplan with our state of the art mapping solutions.


Simply plug the devices in the predetermined sockets.

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Voila! Now you can make the most out of your existing traffic.


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