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Engage with your visitors in the right place at the right time.. Develop strategies targeted to specific clusters of customers

The relationship between the business and its customers is elevated through engagement.

Ariadne Engagement allows you to give personalized offers and valuable product information to your customers in real time when they need it the most.

Unlock Hyperlocal Marketing

Ariadne offers businesses the ability to send visitors dynamic and customized promotions based on their current location and their previous interests.

Enable Real-Time Recommendations

Do you have a hot spot in your business that you wish to introduce to your visitors? Ariadne assists you in sending real-time customized recommendations to visitors.

Reviews Make The Deal

New Customers make their purchase decision based on reviews and ratings. We enable and encourage customers to provide feedbacks and surveys.

Here is an example

A customer walks into the store and spends the most time in the shirts section. In the end, she walks away without buying an item. About the exit, she receives a text saying “Get a 20% discount on shirts with the code DISC20, today only!” and walks back in to make a discounted purchase, which benefits both the customer and the business.

All-in-One Platform

Ariadne connects the data from your store to your CRM system, allowing you to run targeted marketing campaigns. Ariadne also assists for a complete perspective of consumer behavior that includes both online and on-premises activity.

Design Efficient Campaigns

Measure the success of your campaigns, e.g., a temporary theme park, and compare results


Privacy First!

Our experience shows that most customers are happy to opt-in and share information to benefit from the promotions and the additional services. At Ariadne Maps, we put the privacy of customers first and establish a reliable relationship between the customers and the businesses.

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