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May 18, 2022

How To Use Dynamic and Hyperlocal Marketing To Your Advantage?

The world is speeding up, and the marketing strategies available to retailers are reaching new heights every day. So, what is the Buzz word, hyperlocal marketing means. Let us untie the knot now. 

The need of combining the hyperlocal and dynamic marketing is you can reach the right audience at the right place with the personalised offer in the perfect time. Still not clear? Let us give you an example.

Picturise Katja Schulz, a fashion fanatic, walks into a shopping centre. Katja Schulz is a regular customer who has previously visited your Boutique. But she has no idea that your store, is offering a 30% discount on her favourite Maxi dress. You'd like to notify her and give her the opportunity to take advantage of the offer. With dynamic marketing, it is now achievable. 


Imagine Jonas Braun, who has a family of three adorable children who love Kinder Joy. They never miss the chance to get those whenever they go to the supermarket. But now that Thomas is alone at the supermarket, you'd want to gift those adorable children Kinder Joy at a 10% discount. You may now alert Thomas, that it’s time to grab the offer and create Joy in Thomas´s home.


We hope we cleared the air. With dynamic marketing it is possible to send personalized offers to the right people at the right time in the right place. So everything is right with Dynamic marketing! Isn’t it?

There are many ways you can use the dynamic marketing to create a Win-Win situation for you and your customers.

Personalised Offer to the Right people

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half “- John Wanamaker. We can all relate to this, can’t we? However, we can now deliver personalised offers to the right customer, which can contain related shopping products that they frequently purchase. This is one approach to reward a customer for his loyalty, and you'll know if your offer was successful in motivating the customer to make a purchase.

Personalised Offer at the Right time and place

 It may be claimed that the individualized offer already exists. The beauty of hyperlocal marketing, though, is the timing and place of the offer. You can send the offer to your consumer on March 14th, with a validity date of March 20th. Because the customer may not be able to visit the store, your offer was ineffective. However, with dynamic marketing, your offer surprises your customer at the ideal time, allowing them to take advantage of the offer straight away.

Get your customer visit your place

Imagine yourself at a shopping mall with 30 stores, and you are one of them. A customer who has previously visited you does not have to return the following week. However, as soon as they connect to the Shopping Centre's Wi-Fi, you may notify them your offer, and who knows, they might come to your shop and buy something.

Clear picture on Marketing Spend

Hyperlocal marketing gives you a clear view of the efficiency and performance of your marketing strategy. It also determines whether your ad impressed the buyer and prompted impulsive purchases after seeing your offer. You now know how efficient your marketing strategies are.

If you want to implement hyperlocal marketing in your premises and revolutionize your business, schedule a 30 min live demo with Ariadne Maps in the navigation menu.

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