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May 18, 2022

How To Get Customer Insights

In 2022, customer retention is not about tricky marketing or clever sales technics. To be successful or even sustain in the game you have to take a step back and design an amazing customer service experience. Your products and associated services have to enchant the customer from the very first touchpoint with your brand. And, it all starts with customer insight.

Why Do You Need Customer Insights: 

Whether it is a Brick and Morter store or virtual, customer insights let you understand customer intent, sentiment, and challenges. By understanding how your customers behave and how they feel about your business, you can serve their needs in a better way. This information can serve as a reference when making strategic decisions, planning marketing and sales initiatives, prioritizing product updates, etc.

Analytics has become an indispensable tool for creating value in a business, allowing every team at an organization to analyze and change based on real feedback, which can turn into valuable customer insights.

How to Get Customer Insights:

Here are some tactics that can be used to get valuable customer insight that will actually help to create a better customer experience. 

  • Customer Onboarding Survey

The customer onboarding process is where customers first use or see a product or service. It's the perfect time to make the product more "sticky." It is more like a first expression for the customer. 

  • Customer Feedback Form

A customer feedback form will help you measure the level of customer satisfaction while uncovering potential issues and selling points. 

  • Customer Sentiment Surveys

Customer sentiment surveys or empathy interviews are less structured than standard Q&A. They’re designed to help you analyze the overall feeling of your customer base.

Empathy interviews show you what your ideal buyer feels across touchpoints.

  • Run a Quiz

Quizzes are a form of interactive content. This is a very effective way to gain insights into each individual’s preferences and interests. Statistics show that interactive content is 80% more likely to engage your customers.

  • A/B Testing

If you’re trying to decide which features work best or where to place critical elements, A/B testing would be the best way to collect real-time user data to help you make decisions. It is a method of comparing two versions against each other to determine which one performs better. 57% of businesses say that product user data has a significant impact on the decisions they make.

  • See What Your Customers Are Searching For

Use keyword research to understand how your customers search the web. This allows you to find the most relevant search terms in your industry.  Then you can create SEO-optimized content for your target audience.

  • Track Customer Behavior or Behavioral Data

The most common way to gather these insights is to collect them from your website or social media analytics. This behavioral data will show you insights that convince customers to either convert or drop off. Insights about customer behavior can help you optimize your entire buying journey. 

  • Find Your Most Popular Landing Pages

Your top landing pages help you understand what types of content your customers are most likely to engage with and where to direct your marketing efforts.

  • Support Tickets

Your support team is another excellent source of customer insights. 64% of businesses say that customer feedback from support tickets and similar methods had a significant impact on future decision-making.

You can start improving your customer experience little by little. Once you start to pull customer insights, you will face another challenge — scattered data. There are lots of data sources, including social media posts, customer feedback forms, and order data. But you have to find out the information that is necessary for you and work on it to improve your customer experience. 

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